Sagra Gallery is an exhibition space encouraging true artistic independence, curated with skill and an artist’s eye. Bringing flavours and imagination together under one roof the Sagra experience lets you lunch in anticipation of an inspired artistic feast – or vice versa. Explore the conceptual and expand your tastes beyond the plate.

Roar Remix

Roar Remix – Peter Ferguson and Judi Singleton

Sagra Gallery is proud to present the art of Peter Ferguson and Judi Singleton (married in life and to the brush) in an exhibition titled ‘Roar Remix’.  As founding members of the much acclaimed Roar Studios we discover Ferguson and Singleton looking forward, looking back to the Roar years of 1980 to 1986 . Those early times in Fitzroy, were and still are, a constant source of inspiration -the heady atmosphere of the artist’s collective [group]. The wide array of imagery and experience in this show are an indicator of this remix. The past work continues to encourage and inspire the art of the present. Looking at today and to the future for new sources to stimulate the imagination provides the vehicle for the maker’s journey. This show reveals the growth of two artists from inspired beginnings into committed image makers of the modern art idiom, a thumbprint for self expression celebrating all things creative.


Our curators develop an annual calendar featuring solo and group exhibitions by established, independent artists who are well represented in major public and private collections. The calendar of exhibitions is created to complement the Sagra experience.

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Race Furniture

Race Furniture

Internationally acclaimed mid-century furniture – an icon still. Representing some of the finest, most innovative mid-century furniture designed between 1945-1962, the Classic Collection is re-issued from the original templates and exclusive to Sagra in Australia.

Race designs are featured in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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