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Thursday November 2 – November 25

Seven artists explore the connections between China and Australia. Throughout their journeys they are commentators and initiators who, through their art, move past the comfort zones of their original homes.

They are driven by curiosity and a search for deeper understanding of cultural and personal practice.

Journey raises questions about how contemporary artists communicate beyond their every day language, and extend the boundaries of national and individual identities.

Process and Pattern

Shelley Hannigan “Process and Pattern”

September 28 – October 28, 2017

As creatures of habit humans are patterned beings. The interconnection of humans, nature and culture as imagined and experienced in life and given form through art is at the emotional and intellectual core of Shelley Hannigan’s exhibition ‘Process and Pattern’.

Throughout the ages humans have woven, formed and constructed things in response to nature. Hannigan says, “As I read about theories of ecologies through different fields such as music, architecture, art and place I understand more about why I enjoy patterning in my artistic process. It is a language that deals with complex structures, both challenging and enriching of my experience in creative practice and process”.


Our curators develop an annual calendar featuring solo and group exhibitions by established, independent artists who are well represented in major public and private collections. The calendar of exhibitions is created to complement the Sagra experience.

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Race Furniture

Race Furniture

Internationally acclaimed mid-century furniture – an icon still. Representing some of the finest, most innovative mid-century furniture designed between 1945-1962, the Classic Collection is re-issued from the original templates and exclusive to Sagra in Australia.

Race designs are featured in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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