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One World - John Barcham

November 30 – December 16, 2017

Opening Night Invitation

Thursday November 30

6.30pm – 8.30pm

An Exhibition of travel based paintings and drawings from artist, John Barcham. The show features works inspired from travels in Africa, the Himalaya, Italy and Asia.

Artist Statement:

“One World” is my response as an artist to the experience of travel. It’s often difficult to not be overwhelmed by some of the glorious sights our world has to offer. Drawing helps form a connection with these wonders and I find that field sketching in particular allows one to be in the moment and immerse more fully into the immediate environment.

When I return I utilise field drawings and digital photography for studio works. Creating the studio work allows me to further explore the travel experience picking up on things I missed and seeing into the whole experience on a deeper level.

The world is a wonderful place and those of us fortunate enough travel to remote and fragile places realise the importance of responsible and sustainable travel. I hope that “One World” will inspire some viewers to go and see some of these places not “before they go” but because responsible, sustainable travel is one part of helping to preserve them for future generations.”                     

John Barcham 2017


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